10 things PR newbies should do in their first week

It’s always this time of year, when all the fresh-faced graduates are looking for their first real like job, when you see blogs about the best places to work or what you should be doing in a PR role, but half of the time, the advice doesn’t come from a ‘fresh graduate’.

I accept that graduating a year ago doesn’t make me the fountain of all knowledge, but one thing I do know is how you should behave in the first week of a brand new, real life, adult job so I thought it would be a good starting place for me to get back into the world of blogging by offering my first hand advice on what you should be doing in your first week of work in the world of PR!

  1. Change your LinkedIn presence – If you haven’t already, update your LinkedIn profile to announce your new role. Make sure you are following your new company and start liking & sharing company content.
  2. Study the company structure and start learning names – The easiest way to learn names is to look at the company’s organisational chart. You can see the departmental structures and because teams generally sit together, you can figure out where to find people in particular roles.
  3. Make sure you’re set up with an email signature and business cards – As a marketer/PR/comms person, you represent your company, so you must use consistent branding throughout your communications. Also make sure your signature has the correct details. Business cards may seem premature, but you don’t want to be caught off guard if you have to attend a meeting.
  4. Set up your internet bookmarks – In your first week, you’re likely to have a bit of downtime, affording you the chance to set up your computer. Set up bookmarks such as; reporting (analytics, webmaster e.t.c), events (exhibitions, conferences), resources (stock photos), company sites (CMS, main site staging), industry (resources).
  5. Sign up for relevant industry resources – Many industry expert blogs, communities, guides and other sources offer an email newsletter. They are a great source of learning and can help you stay ahead of industry news and trends. Create an email folder for the newsletters to land in for later inspection.
  6. Sit with people at lunch – Newbies tend to head out for lunch on their own. Don’t do it!
  7. Gain access to analytics accounts – Whether you know a little or a lot about PR and marketing, you can understand the current PR and marketing efforts by looking at the analytics.
  8. Ask for CMS website training
  9. Write a blog post about your first week
  10. Go for a drink, socialise and get to know your new team mates in a non-work setting!

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