Everybody loves a good Easter egg…

Easter is one sweet holiday.  It is the official sponsor of winter’s end and the official sponsor of spring’s true beginning—meteorologists just give up, this is official.  Easter means about six months of no snow (hopefully!).

Easter can teach us a lot about people.  We love surprises.  We love finding gems.  We love Easter eggs.   Easter eggs break the monotony of everyday life and marketing.

You can add Easter eggs to almost anything: Hiding an Easter egg in your website lets people discover something about your brand personality.   Unexpected little treats are always welcome.  Easter eggs say we think you are special because you not only found this special gem, but you now get to enjoy it.

On a website it could be a rollover that plays a funny song or make a funny sound, it could be an animation that does something unexpected or it could be a hidden video that provides those who find it a prize.

Easter eggs tell others that you think deeper; that you pay attention to detail; that you are human and fun.  Easter eggs are unexpected and tell you that this is the beginning of something exciting.


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