How can you use emojis? :P

Last week we talked about the history of Emojis and why they are so popular in our social communications. This week we will look at how businesses are making emojis popular in marketing.

Why You Should Use Emojis

If your audience falls within those 2 billion smartphone users, integrating emojis, emoticons, or stickers in your social media can be a great way to connect with them. Using those characters can allow you to:

Speak the language of your audience. Show your audience that you are in tune with them, and make yourself more relatable. “No human being would ever just utter that sentence like a robot…Emojis get across that human aspect of communication.”

Get your message across in a creative way. Emojis are fun and using them is an expressive way for brands to stand out.

Use fewer words. They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words. When your words are limited by a handheld screen and short attention span, keeping texts short and engaging will help your audience read your messages more easily.

When You Should (and Shouldn’t) Use Emojis

A lot of brands have been using emojis in their communications for a while now. Some received positive feedback, while others got a lukewarm response. So before infusing emojis into your next tweet, be sure to consider the following questions:

Do you know your audience? Who are your customers and how do they communicate? If your audience is not using emojis regularly in their communications will they understand and like it if you use them?

How is your brand perceived? If you are a B2B organisation or operating in the healthcare, financial or government industries, emojis may not be the best fit for your brand persona.

Is the use of an emoji appropriate for this particular communication? What tone are you trying to convey with this message? Serious or solemn messages may be better expressed without the emoji.

Can you find a way to give the emoji a purpose other than being decorative? Show how creative you can be by giving your emoji some functionality (see Domino and WWF example below).


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