Maybe we all have superstitious minds…

So, today is Friday the 13th. Does it mean bad luck? Should I just stay in bed? Don’t walk under ladders and stay out the way of black cats? What is it that makes us instantly link today with bad luck?

Worrying about Friday the 13th suggests that luck is something that is outside of our control. In the PR world, it is assumed to be the worst day to issue news, unless you want to be proactive and try your luck!

There’s no such thing as being lucky in PR. It takes a lot of effort, preparation and correct timing to hit the set objectives. In the same way that taking a superstitious approach to hoping for good luck is unlikely, we’re not really going to get luckier just by working harder, nor by working smarter.

We need to consider the best possible approach to achieve the best possible outcome. Perhaps it is time to break the worst superstitions of all in PR – that what we do is “easy” and that anyone can do it.

Spreading news is “easy” these days. Thanks to the invention of the world wide web, it is just one press of a button. Whether it is via email, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or some other fancy tool, we can reach audiences in seconds. However, the short lifecycle of news and the multitude of channels and audiences to reach has not made our job easier. Quite the contrary.

PR pros spend a lot of time mapping out and defining the client’s target audience, determining the right channels and then, most importantly, putting forward appropriate and appealing content that triggers the interest of editors and other constituents.

That requires market expertise and knowing the players so you can converse at their level and in their language. We find that PR pros are experts at mining stories, case studies, trends and data that tell the ultimate story on the right platform, and through the right channels to the marketplace and its influencers, providing thought leadership, issue ownership and a clear point of view.

Today’s biggest opportunities in PR revolve around our ability to create communities of like-minded people and to build ongoing engagement with them. Helping companies to engage with their stakeholders is still delivering enormous value in building brand awareness as well as building engaged and interactive communities of interest.

Though there is talk that the lines between paid, sponsored and earned media are blurring, PR pros remain strong advocates of building long-term media partnerships for the benefit of our clients. One-to-one communication in trusted relationships is still paying off.

To conclude: there is no such thing as being lucky in PR! It takes hard work, expertise and common sense to succeed in reaching the goals set. PR professionals cannot rest on their laurels – we live in dynamic times and good PR professionals dedicate themselves to staying up with (or ahead of) those trends so that clients can focus on what they do best.



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