New year, same old me

Let’s start by saying happy new year!

This year, I wanted to start off my blog explaining why I chose to study and work in PR, for you to enjoy, as well as to remind myself why I love what I do. Not much more to say, so let’s get straight into it:

1. Fast-Paced Environment

I read a recent study that said PR was the 2nd most stressful job. Yep, just one below commercial pilots and ABOVE photojournalists, corporate executives and paramedics! Who would want to be in a job that has that much stress associated with it? Well, me. At the moment I work at a college and freelance.


2. Blend of Everything

PR is like a combination of jobs that are media-related. When you’re thinking up of new and creative ways to promote your client via different channels, that’s a form of running an advertising campaign. When you’re working at maintaining a consistent and strong image, that right there is brand management. Writing up press releases? Well any PR teachers can tell you that the best media releases are the ones that make it straight into the newspapers – so that’s journalism. Also, pitching that media release to a busy journalist, along with thousands of other PR professionals? Isn’t there a little bit of salesmanship involved in that?

Bottom line: if you’re working in PR, you better be equipped with the skills involved, which brings me to my next point …

3. Skill Set Requirements

Bring a PR professional means you have to be a “Jack of all trades.” Now I know that term isn’t always complimentary, since the other half of the quote is “master of none,” but in the PR context, I can’t think of a better description. In my opinion, it takes a special type of person to work in PR. Think about what they have to do: manage client accounts, review media coverage, deal with busy journalists, develop campaign strategies, create presentations, co-ordinate with marketing and management departments, identify publicity opportunities, read, write and edit copy, and of course, manage their endless social media channels.

Not that easy is it?

4. Variety

What I love about PR is you can find something that you’re passionate about and work in that area.

If you want to incorporate marketing, advertising and public relations in your career, get into integrated marketing communications. Interested in politics? Public affairs is for you. Want to go corporate? There’s internal communications and financial relations. If you’re good at planning and organising, then event management is the way to go.

Whatever it is you love, you’ll be able to find an area in PR to work.

5. Writing

But all the above reasons don’t compare to the biggest reason why I chose PR as a career – I love writing. Ever since I was young I’ve been writing. I’ve always had a passion for words and that passion for words hasn’t left, and if anything, it’s intensified now that I’ve discovered how much I’ve developed as a writer. Business reports, news stories, blogging, writing feature articles, press releases; I’ve tried it all and I love it all.


Why did you choose PR?

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