Using Instagram to find a career 

Instagram is a social media platform that has been hanging around for a while, but it isn’t until recently that it became a real competitor between the other popular social media networks. Instagram founder Kevin Systrom said that the service has:

  • 16 billion photos have been shared to date.
  • 1 billion likes happen each day.
  • 130 million users are now on the service.

That kind of activity is enough for one day. Let’s try focusing on one metric. 130 million users. That is insane. Then think, out of 130 million users, could there be companies and recruiters who may want to hire you? Yes, yes, and for a third time, yes.

However, saying that, how would one go about leveraging Instagram to find work. Well, after some top notch research from yours truly (and the help of Google) I’ve got enough to write a blog post about it, so here you go…

If you have had your Instagram account for a while, it might be worth creating a second Instagram account so you don’t have to worry about embarrassing photos from a certain party or bathroom selfies that you don’t want your employer to see. When you set this up, use your name and profession.

You then want to create a short bio about who you are and the kind of work that you do. When you do this, make sure that it is compelling and something that would be attractive to the people you are targeting.

Instagram also lets you add a website link to your profile as well, so it would be useful to add a link to your LinkedIn profile or online portfolio. I also suggest that you use a professional looking photo for your profile photo, one that projects a business image.

Now that is sorted, let’s consider the photos you will share on your ‘professional’ Instagram.

Content strategy

  • Photos of you working
  • 15 second video of you demonstrating your skill
  • Photos of attendance at conferences and industry-related events
  • Text images of industry related comments

Networking strategy

  • Find companies you want to work for and follow them
  • Find people who work at companies you would love to work for, network with them by liking their photos
  • Research related hashtags
    • Research the companies you are following and use the hashtags they use. This will help you get discovered by the people who work there.
    • Research hashtags that are related to the industry you work in. Not only will this aid in your networking with others in your field, it also makes it easier for a recruiter to do a search on Instagram and find you.
    • Create tags relevant to your career and tag your photos as appropriate. Not only will this aid in your networking with others in your field… you probably get the idea.

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