Seven swans a swimming – seven characteristics of PR

On the seventh day of Christmas the person in question received seven swans a swimming. I’m not really a huge fan of birds, but I think swans are quite pretty and graceful. Let’s just say, if I had to be a bird, I’d probably choose to be a swan.

The seven swans a swimming represent the sevenfold gifts of the spirit. Now, I know all along that I’ve been trying my hardest (and badly) to link in how PR fits in with this Christmas song, but todays post is going to be a bit different. Today I’m going to share seven (this is the link!) qualities that can make the difference between a PR rep and a PR pro.

  1. Always ready. The best PR pros have their tools on them at all times: smartphone, business cards, notepad, perhaps even a digital camera. One never knows when a high profile contact will be made or an unscripted moment of PR gold might happen.
  2. Investigative spirit. PR pros have to know the customer base in order to determine the best types of stories to tell. Even so, not every tale will do. Having a nose for news and what consumers want to hear will help drive client coverage.
  3. Great storyteller. Fantastic stories draw people in and stick with them long after they’ve moved on to something else. It is great to have a tale to tell, but a great storyteller can make almost any narrative seem interesting.
  4. Persuasive prowess. PR experts have to be able to do more than find interesting tales and tell them well, they have to be able to sell the narrative. The best PR pros can define a story, write it and present it in such a way that news agencies and other communications organisations pick it up and distribute it to a wider audience.
  5. Punctuality matters. The media world is driven by deadlines. Being late can mean the difference between flying through the window of opportunity and crashing into the glass. Once PR pros agree to a deadline, they move heaven and earth to meet it.
  6. Willing to learn. PR pros who don’t make it a point to learn how the public relations world is advancing can expect to find their phone ringing less often. Today’s best PR people not only grasp the importance of social media strategies and mobile web, they are always looking on the horizon to see the newest ways of reaching their audiences.
  7. Detail oriented. In this field, accuracy means everything. PR professionals have developed methods to ensure their stories portray a positive image, while also containing accurate information. They take notes and record information that they can go back over again and again.

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