Is social media a blessing or a curse? 

On the eighth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, eight maids a milking. This may seem straight forward, but after looking it up on the world wide web, the eight maids a milking symbolises beatitudes.


Now, what on earth is a beatitude I hear you ask (I asked that too)?! Well, after googling that, I found that a beatitude means ‘supreme blessedness’. Even I didn’t know how I was going to wrangle this one into a blog post about PR and marketing, but hold onto your hats… I did it.


Today’s post is going to be about how social media is a curse for some, but a blessing for most (see, told you I’d somehow link it together!)


For better or worse these days, we’re repeatedly reminded of the instant transparency created by social media. When it comes to how the true depth of our character can be revealed through Facebook, and depending on what side of the equation you fall on, the discovered or the discoverer – you might feel social media is something of a curse.


Well, it isn’t. It is because social media’s ability to reveal what’s lurking behind every person and every brand’s proverbial veil of secrecy that is its greatest, and yes, everlasting benefit. Offering insight we’d likely never otherwise have, social media – and frankly media in general – helps us avoid ever having to say “if only I knew then what I know now”. So, by all means post, pin and tweet away!


I stand firm: social media is inherently good for all. It’s changed how we connect and engage with everyone. However, let’s remember that tweets, Facebooks posts and even Snapchat messages are far-reaching and forever. Ultimately, that distinction divides the world into two types of people:: those who have nothing to worry about and those that do.

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