Benefits of blogging

I’ve been writing this blog for over 2 years now (seems like two minutes ago I was starting it) and it has brought me many benefits. Benefits that I now want to share with you so it inspires you to start blogging, or keep on blogging if you do already blog, so let’s get straight into it:

  1. Networking with various people worldwide. One of the important benefits of blogging is its feature that helps us to network with a wide range of bloggers from different walks of life across the globe.
  2. Blogs help you to improve your writing skills. If you start to write a blog, all of a sudden you get into the habit of improving your writing skills and style.
  3. Mastering a subject. Another advantage of having a blog is its ability to make you a master in a chosen subject. It will enrich your knowledge as you carry on doing research on that particular topic or niche.
  4. You photographic skills may improve. Once anyone becomes a blogger, he or she may start an interest in several other things related to blogging to improve their own blog.
  5. Blogging as a source of income. Most people start blogging just for expressing their personal opinions, later on some begin to take an interest in earning an income from their blog.
  6. Blogs make it easy to connect with social media. Most of the blogging tools help us to easily share the contents in the blog with social media platforms.
  7. Blog as a source of information. Some blogs are the valuable source of information and people know that they can gain valuable information from them so they will keep reading.
  8. Blogs may act as a portfolio. Photographers, writers e.t.c find blogging as an excellent platform for creating portfolios for their work.
  9. Blogs may lead you to start a new career. If you attend an interview for a particular job, your chances of securing the job may increase if you possess a blog specialising in subjects the interview demands.
  10. Blogs are very easy to set up. You don’t have to be very good in the technical aspects, anyone can set up a blog with an email address and a platform like WordPress.
  11. Gain respect from others. People at your office or business may start seeing you as a blogger and could eventually lead to gaining respect as doing something extra-curricular.
  12. Blogging as a hobby. There are many people, including me, who aren’t bothered about the monetary aspects of blogging, and just consider it as a hobby to have their personal satisfaction of sharing their views and opinions with others.
  13. Good exercise for your mind. Remember you should love the rime you spend on writing and keep engaged in other activities related to blogging like researching a topic and reading more articles related to your niche.

So there you have it.







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