You’re profile has been viewed, now what?!

The etiquette required in connecting/contacting people on LinkedIn can make even the most senior person anxious. The thing to recognise is that people who look at your profile are usually there for a reason. While some may be recruiters, others could be friends, or former co-workers trying to reconnect.

So, you’re profile has been viewed by a recruiter. Now what?!

1. Pick up the phone or email.

According to Steve Nicholls, career coach said, “They may have looked at your profile and not quite found what they were looking for. A phone call could help clarify that, in fact, you are a fit for whatever role they have in mind when they viewed your profile. Picking up the phone can often be the best course of action. They may have moved on to other candidates by the time they see your invitation.”

2. Send an invitation to connect.

Scott Meyer, a retained executive recruiter said, “I view this as similar to thank-you notes—should be standard practice to send an invitation to connect if a recruiter has viewed someone’s profile.”

Be sure to personalise the invite to make it more meaningful.

Martin Ellis suggests, “I noticed you reviewed my LinkedIn profile recently. If there’s anything of mutual interest, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly. I would also welcome a connection if you judged that appropriate.”

3. Check out your visitor’s profile.

Martin Ellis, an executive recruiter, always thanks people for checking his profile or accepting his invitations to connect.

You may find potential job opportunities listed on a recruiter’s LinkedIn profile or helpful resources.

A job seeker mentioned that he lets people know what he is looking for and asks if they would like to see his CV or chat for a minute. He also offers referrals for positions they may have open.

Some visitors to your profile may be “anonymous” and, in that case, there is no way to respond to them.

The best cumulative advice is to “do something.” Don’t let potential opportunities pass you by. The LinkedIn platform encourages interaction. If you are serious about adding to your network and connecting with recruiters, building relationships through LinkedIn is key.

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