Can you compare PR practitioners to the four calling birds?!

The Four Calling Birds symbolise the four Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John that bring the good news of our salvation. Now, in terms of PR, it is widely known that bringing good news is one of the services that practitioners offer.

That explains why more and more marketing executives are moving a bigger chunk of their promotions budget from advertising to PR. In recent years the relationship between PR practitioners and the media has become one of cooperation and interdependence.

Editors have realised they need professional PR’s to assist in delivering good news to the public. As long as there are skilled practitioners and reporters who are pressed for time, PR-driven news reports will be welcome at almost every newspaper, radio station and television channel.

However, PR practitioners need to realise how the press works, what the public reads and what the editors look for. They need to appreciate the lifestyle interests of each newspaper’s readers to make the power of press work for them.

Before editors begin their daily grind, they have to go through a pile of press releases in addition to the news items filed by their reporters. If they can only put eight stories in their section, you can imagine their difficulty sorting out the mountain of stories on their desk.

It should come as a relief that a PR practitioner can and do contribute to well written stories to newspapers and magazines and that is how PR practitioners became the four calling birds of editors everywhere.


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