Can the three French hens teach us about PR?

On the third day of Christmas, three French hens were received. The three French hens have a symbolic meaning of faith, love and hope. PR plays an integral role in ensuring that the company in question keeps the faith, love and hope of its customers and stakeholders.

First up, PR is a great tool for companies to keep up the faith that their customers have in them. PR uses the most effective influencing mechanism – conversation and in a noisy world, PR holds the key to engagement. An area which companies need to pay attention to is transparency and trust. The speed and scale of criticism organisations attract when they are perceived to be out of step with the public opinion keeps those of us who work in PR awake at night. Faith is crucial for reputation but can only be achieved by engaging in dialogue, then proving you are listening. If audiences feel an organisation is responsible and transparent, they are more likely to share views and talk positively.

As I’m sure you are aware, PR helps to build up reputation for a company, it is all about what you do, what you say and what others say about you. Once a solid reputation has been built, it needs to be maintained, as if you aren’t as reputable as your competitors, then you will lose customers and stakeholders straight away and it is evident that it isn’t good for business. So keep up the reputation, and then the love from customers and stakeholders will still be there.

Hope is something that all companies should provide to their customers and stakeholders. You need to do everything in your power to provide excellent service to your customers on an ongoing basis and this is where PR comes into play. They help to respond quickly and enthusiastically, and provide the customer with the hope and belief in your brand.

So, in this Christmas period and for the upcoming year, keep a hold of the three French hens and remember the importance of PR when it comes to faith, love and hope.

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