Emails all day every day

As many people are aware, emails are imperative to now. Everyone is using email and mostly everything is done via email so love it or hate it, email is here to stay. However, email is actually a great tool, as long as it done right.

Think about it: email lets you communicate privately, in more than 140 characters, and you can add attachments. We just have to become a little bit better at dealing with it so it doesn’t take up so much time so here are some tips for writing a good email:

Be brief and clear – By all means, ask how people are or it will sound rude. But long emails should be reserved for long-distance friends, not for work. The backstory may seem relevant to you, but the recipient probably doesn’t need to know – they’ll ask for more information if they do.

Be (a little) friendly – there is a fine line between too wordy and too short. If in doubt, always include a few niceties as it’s very difficult to discern tone in a short email. As is the case offline, a please and thank you go a long way in email.

Be concise – Why are you sending this email? If you want the recipient to act, make sure you ask the question. If emailing your boss, suggesting a course of action may be a good idea, as a busy person will be grateful if there’s a good option which they can just say yes to.

Avoid one word emails – If someone has gone out of their way to do something for you and you feel the need to thank them, then go ahead. But there’s no need to write back a thanks to every person you interact with.

Kind regards



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