Two turtle doves

On the second day of Christmas, the person in question was given two turtle doves. Christmas has always been a time of giving, whether it be presents, or just spending time with your family, giving is what Christmas spirit is truly about.

Now, one of my favourite EVER Christmas films is Home Alone, which tells the tale of Kevin getting separated from his family (over and over) at Christmas, but despite this happening, he learns the value of friendship and family.

In Home Alone 2, Kevin visits a toy shop where he is gifted two turtle doves, low and behold the same gift that the person in the song gets! The idea of the gift is “you keep one and you give the other one to a very special person. Turtle doves are a symbol of friendship and love; as long as each of you have your turtle dove, you’ll be friends forever.”

Christmas has always been about appreciating loved ones, giving to those in need and being kind and jolly. There are plenty of ways that businesses can get involved with the idea of Christmas spirit, whether it is donating to charity, or creating an advent calendar which potential customers can benefit from, it is great to give back this Christmas!


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