SEO: What I’ve learned so far…

Search engine optimisation is something which was relatively new to me, and still is in a way, but I have started to understand the importance of it.

It is often described as relating to the text on web pages, but this definition overlooks a crucial aspect of SEO, and believe me, I found out the hard way. Every individual web page contains a title element that describes its contents. More commonly known as title tags, these small pieces of HTML code are the most valuable single factor in allowing web crawlers to identify the purpose of a particular page and rank it accordingly.

Title tags are discreetly contained within every web pages meta tags. They are the digital equivalent of chapter headings in a book, providing a condensed summary of that document’s contents.

Search engine algorithms rely heavily on title tags to decide what results to associate a particular website with. It can achieve the Holy Grail of exact search term matches. This is the content that will often appear as anchor text for a link in an external website. Links are hugely valuable for SEO purposes in themselves, and effective anchor text can encourage readers to click the link and visit your site.

Regardless of length, a few golden rules do apply. Always place the most important keywords first, they’re the first ones people will always see, and the highest priority when it comes to website ranking. Include your brand name at the end of a title tag unless the brand is relatively unknown, in which case it could go at the start before any keywords. And finally, keep the tags readable to humans, rather than listing a jumble of keywords as many people notice title tags and use them to decide whether to visit that particular page or not.


5 responses to “SEO: What I’ve learned so far…

  1. Great research, and yes, you nailed it. The how to’s of SEO are very infrequently discussed. For those of us who have been in the SEO field for years even we do not know everything because, things are constantly changing. Google, Bing, and Yahoo are constantly changing the SEO Game for us, and staying up to date with everything isn’t always easy. Some times the changes are small while others can be significant. There’s another large change coming to the SEO field in mid January and while most of us who work in the industry are all preparing for it many will be effected.

    My advice – Keep up the great work on your research of SEO. So far so good so, you can only keep growing in knowledge from here. It’s definitely a field and subject area worth checking into, getting to know, and growing from in business.


      • Understanding SEO happens over time. Once you get the big stuff down, the updates become easier to maintain, manage, and get used to. SEO is about a lot of the up front information so you are definitely doing the right thing by researching the up front topics. Keep up the good work.


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