Partridge in a pear tree

We all hopefully know that on the first day of Christmas that the person in question received a partridge in a pear tree from their true love. Now, there are plenty of reasons that one may receive a bird or a tree on Christmas, and many theories as to why the partridge sat in the pear tree at all (I’m assuming he loved pears!) but I’m going to take a little look at what it means in today’s society.

If you ask the majority of the younger generation (I like to think this is me!) I’m sure that they will not have the foggiest as to why anyone would want a partridge in a pear tree for Christmas, or at any point in the year. That is most likely because they are asking for a new iPad, a drone or a VR headset.

Urban Dictionary defines a ‘partridge in a pear tree’ as an ‘unbelievably cool person” and taking this into consideration, I’m sure that a lot of people already either think they are cool, or want to be cool.

With this out of the box thinking, all businesses marketing efforts could benefit by getting creative with the usual traditional methods that are used day in day out. The younger generation have the power to make anything at all current, take the comeback of the 90’s trends as an example. I thought they were horrid at the time of being a 90’s child, but they are evidently what everyone is wanting to wear right now!

Listen to what the younger generation has to say, take their feedback and utilise it. Doing this will benefit your business by making it current.


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