Live life to the fullest

When people ask me about my job, I have to say which one?! I get it. While I have one full-time job, I am also a freelance PR, blogger and blog contributor. While my “day job” is as a marketing assistant for a college, I view my work life as comprised of personal undertakings as well.

Managing my blog, freelancing in the PR world and writing are projects that I take seriously and, while I love it all, the work itself can take up a lot of time. I have to regularly concept and pitch social media posts and articles, write posts and articles and manage brand reputation and relationships.

It can be tricky to find the balance between working your full-time job and trying to pump life and energy into your freelance or side work.

First of all, there’s the fact that you only have so many hours to work with, and so much brain power to contribute. Everyone has to rest! And not to mention, you have to watch out for issues like conflicts of interest, non-compete contracts and colliding deadlines.

I’ve practiced many methods and I’ve found the keys to freelancing with a full-time job are transparency, passion, time management, drive, and perhaps most importantly, food.

  1. Be transparent: I was hired at my current job due to my skills built up through my time at university, when I was studying and working, as well as running my blog. The fact I could do it on my own was a good indication that I could do the same thing for clients. Throughout the hiring process and on my first week on the job, I was really transparent about the fact I was blogging and freelancing. I asked if that would be a problem and learnt that it wouldn’t be!
  2. Love what you do: I am incredibly passionate about growing my blog and freelance PR career. I am also passionate about my job as marketing assistant. This passion has been pivotal to my success thus far. When you are freelancing with a full-time job you’re likely to work late nights, early mornings and weekends. If you’re passionate about what you’re doing you will have a much greater likelihood of success, in part because you enjoy what you do, and in part because you are willing to put in the hours.
  3. Stay on schedule: I write almost all of my blog posts on a Sunday and schedule them to go up throughout the week. I like scheduling my content ahead of time so that I can make plans with friends, network, and have some down time. I also wake up at half 6 almost every day so I can have an “extra hour to live an hour more”. It can be difficult to get into this habit, but it does get easier, and eventually becomes second nature. The key is to plan far in advance, and never plan to work on your own private projects during the hours of your full-time job.
  4. Get after it: If you’re going to focus on side projects along with your full-time job, you need to make sure you give it all 100%. The drive and ambition that you put towards both will help you be better at it all. As with anything, there are going to be some parts that energise and excite you, and some that don’t. Stay motivated by remembering why you started in the first place… then get yourself a snack and get back to work.

These are some of the steps that help me, along with support from work, friends and family. The people that truly want you to succeed will be there for you, so ask them for help when you need it!

Have you got anymore tips to add? Let me know below or tweet me @HLennox_PR


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