Get your content noticed

At the moment, there are so many blogs around, that it is impossible to read them all, and it is a whole new challenge to get your content noticed above all the rest. This is why I wanted to share with you a few top techniques to help you organise your blog, become more involved with the blogging world and get people to read your content!
If you are anything like me and find yourself doing things last minute, or if you have a really busy work/life balance that leaves your blog looking a tad abandoned, these tips are definitely for you!
Schedule Posts. This is a great option for anyone, it means you can publish your content at a preferred date. These features will make it seem like you are more consistent (something I need to take advantage of!) It will look like you always upload on the same day, so get on it!
Interact. It is great to get involved with the local blogging community, especially within your industry/ blog topic. Twitter, and commenting on other peoples blogs, are a great way to get chatting to people, and sharing what you have in common with each other.
Checking Blog Statistics. If these are checked every so often, it gives you an idea to gauge what your readers like best. It will also show you what posts do well and when is the best time to post.
Forecasting Trends. If you are one of the bloggers that likes to post the latest up to date content, this is for you! Twitter and Instagram are great platforms to see what people are into right now, and for forecasting what the next hot topic is going to be.
Forecasting Trends
This isn’t always the easiest part of blogging, but if you are one of the bloggers that likes to post the latest up to date content, this is for you.
If you follow these steps, and be consistent, it is more or less guaranteed (no promises) that your blog will be successful and your content will get noticed.
However, please do remember that all blogging journeys are not the same as the next. If you blog for the love of sharing your writing, don’t feel pressure to do the above, just do what feels right to you.
Also, I would really appreciate it if you left links to your blogs down below. I’ve been a bit slack on my reading of other blogs, and I want this to change, so please don’t hesitate to share!

2 responses to “Get your content noticed

  1. Great advice! I find I get the most interaction when I post about topical/newsworthy stuff. Especially if it’s examples of campaigns I like in the media or PR stories. I wish I like politics more cause then I would be blogging on brand management and trump right now haha – that’s very newsworthy right now!!


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