Get your social in tip top shape

To all of those out there that have graduated this year, or are simply looking for a new career move, then this one is for you.

When looking for a new job, you are obviously aware of the fact that you need to have a smashing cover letter, CV and portfolio. This will only take you so far. What will take you the whole way? I hear you ask. Listen up, as I’m about to tell you.

It is your social media account that is your one way ticket to success. Companies will check out your social media accounts as it is one way to differentiate you from all of the other candidates that have an equally impressive CV and portfolio.

You need to present yourself in a way that makes it a no-brainer for companies to contact you for an interview and then (fingers crossed) offer you the job.

I have compiled a few tips you can use to make sure your social profiles are interview-ready.

Define your personal brand for professional purposes

Personally, I tweet about a variety of things, from scandals to trending topics. Companies want to see your personality, likes, and interests and definitely don’t want to see you ranting about your boyfriend because he didn’t buy you ice cream.

The main thing to portray is that you know how to be smart with your personal social presence, and are using it to show off your quirks and talents in a positive light.

You also need to keep it real. Don’t push a fake persona brand out there, as people will notice as soon as they meet the real you, that the online you is a fake. If you need a place to keep it any real-er than that, it is probably best to create a private profile just for friends, and don’t let any strangers slip through the followers net.

Ensure your information is updated and consistent

Google yourself and see what comes up. For all social media account profiles, make sure you can log in and update your account. Always set time aside to check your profile and review for consistency, accuracy and content. Choose the same image, update your headline and evaluate what you’ve published.

If anything is questionable, delete the content in question, change your privacy settings, or just completely delete the profile in it’s entirety.

Follow the brands and agencies you hope to work for (or have recently applied to work for)

This may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many candidates don’t sign up for a company email newsletter, and don’t follow the companies that they are interested in on social media.

The company will check. They want to know that you are interested in being a part of their community. They will also check if you are following influential people within the industry, which informs them whether you are in the know or not.

As a pre-PRofessional, you are trying to get a response for the job you really want, so embrace the challenge, and make sure that your social media profiles are working for you – not against you.


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