Getting back into the swing of things

Despite the fact that I have now finished university, I have found myself just as busy, if not busier than I was before. From catching up on Netflix series, reading books and some well needed family and friend time, I am finding it difficult to get back into the world of blogging.

I have some blog posts planned, but they are just generic posts, which I find myself not wanting to post that week, and as a result, I don’t post anything!

So what I wanted to do this week is share some tips that can help you get back into blogging, and even if you don’t have a blog yet, but need some inspiration to get one started, you are also at the right place.

Right, so the first place I would suggest to start is to commit to one certain topic. Once you have found that topic (for me it is public relations and everything involved within) it is much easier to write for the audience that you want to read your posts, as you have an interest with what you are writing. Another positive about this, is that you can base the tips, arguments and opinions on actual experience, making the posts much more approachable and believable, allowing the readers to trust you more.


The next is to limit your time on distracting sites. I get it in my mind when I want to sit down at my laptop and write a blog post, so that is exactly what I do. But without knowing it, I find myself checking every single post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and before I know it I have ran out of time to write a blog post. It is a necessity in this day and age to check social media platforms, and I advise to keep up to date with them, but just place a limit on the amount of time you spend (or waste) trawling through a news feed.

I always like to plan blog posts. It is nice to have a few blog posts as a fall back for when you don’t have an idea that week, as it is possible to run out of ideas when writing blog posts on a regular basis. Another benefit of planning blog posts is that it gives you the chance to develop the outline and speed up the writing stage. It is worth trying this out, as opposed to sitting down and writing that great idea for a blog post straight away.

Use other platforms to inspire yourself. I always like to read other bloggers posts, as well as articles shared on social media, and websites such as PR Daily. It can help me find some form of inspiration, and even if it doesn’t do that, it shows me what people have recently wrote about, allowing me to avoid that topic (no one likes a copy cat!) Keeping on top of other articles can also help you to keep track of what is on trend.

Lastly, everyone enjoys a good quote. Talk to industry researchers and influencers at any chance you can get and use them in a blog post. It will not only increase the value of the content, but also add depth and reliability. It is also a nice way to end a blog post as well. It will leave your post as a memorable one, and it will also expand your networking skills when chatting to others about their experience, skills and opinions.

The tips above can really help when it comes to struggling to find inspiration, or just to simply get that first post started that you have been putting off for weeks. My main tip would be to base your writing on your own personal experience and you’ll find yourself becoming more productive with every day.

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