Get noticed!


Since finishing university, I have obviously been actively looking for the next step in my career, and I’ve found that more employers and recruitment agencies are turning to social media to find their new employee.

I wanted to compile a few tips which may help you, and which have certainly helped me regarding job hunting via social media.

Social media signs

Facebook – It is probably best to keep your profile set to private on Facebook. This is because most people use this platform to keep in touch with friends and family. Also, another reason is because when writing a status, you are more likely to write things that potential employers may not be overly impressed with.

If your profile is set to private, it also means that potential employers can’t search for you, but Facebook isn’t the main place that companies will headhunt.

Twitter – Twitter is a major social media platform to be a part of. It is a great source of breaking news and the best way to network with your peers. Follow the right people and also follow some recruitment agencies who will regularly tweet jobs.

Then it is time to get yourself known. You need to tweet on a regular basis, and establish yourself as part of the PR tweeting community. From this, you may be approached be a recruiter regarding a new role.

LinkedIn – LinkedIn is the most formal of all the networking sites and can be extremely useful when looking for new jobs. It acts as an online CV and allows potential employers to check out your skills. It is essential to ensure that your profile stays up to date constantly.

Then you need to make relevant connections. Add everyone you have ever worked with, as the more connections you have, the more likely it is that a recruiter will be able to find you. There is also the built in job search tool which is very helpful.

This week, the post has been short and sweet, but it is imperative to have an online presence, particularly when job hunting straight out of university.

Have you got any tips you would like to share? Comment below or tweet me @HLennox_PR


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