Creativity is everything

Now I have finished university, I have felt like I am at a loose end and have nothing to do for the immediate future. As a result, this has effected my creativity, and is also the reason why I haven’t blogged for two weeks.

I’ve been stuck with ideas for blog posts, but then I decided I needed to get over feeling sorry for myself, and figure out how to be creative again, not just in my circumstance, but in any circumstance that you may find yourself stuck in a rut.


1. You’re stuck in the routine – Sometimes the daily grind gets to us, and we get caught up on research, monitoring, writing and repeating. People forget that they must explore outside the norm to find new ideas, and also keep their sanity in check.

Get over it – Organise an outing to get yourself out of the office. Go for a walk and take a breather from your normal daily routine to get your creative juices flowing.



2. There’s a lack of teamwork – It isn’t always the case that you are working alongside others, and that you aren’t alone out there. You might think that you work better by yourself but this isn’t the case.

Get over it – Plan meetings where people tell what they are working on, and others can then share their thoughts and help one another come up with new ideas and it also encourages discussion.



3. The results fall short – When you have put your all into something, and it doesn’t get the results that you expected. This can have a direct effect on your motivation and make you doubt yourself and because of this, your creativity suffers.

Get over it – Everyone will go through this at some point, but sometimes it hits harder than other times. The best way to work round this is to look at what did not work and why so you can map a plan for next time.


4. There’s too much ( or not enough) competition – Everyone loves a bit of competition, but sometimes that can be an overkill or not enough  of it. People work better when there is a bit of competition, as it causes a bit more pressure and a push to do better.

Get over it – Urge people to aim high, as this will get better results and will motivate people. Nurture and encourage success and celebrate victories along the way.


Funnily enough, this post has helped me feel better about my situation, and made me feel more confident in myself, so I hope that you find it just as helpful.

I would also love to hear in what ways you get over when you’re stuck in a rut, so either comment below or tweet me @HLennox_PR


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