Pop culture has it all wrong

In this day and age, pop culture and television are extremely important, and many people rely on them to get through their lives. PR has a constant battle on it’s hands when it comes to try to counter television’s wrong depiction of the industry.

Most shows make out that PR is all about looking good, wining and dining, and sweet-talking your way to the top. However, that is totally wrong. The characters on these shows are no the standard and are as far from the norm as possible.

I thought it was time to confront these misconceptions, and show the reality of PR, so here we go:

  1. PR is an all girls club. One of the most popular myths is that the industry is completely full of women, and there are no men in sight. If you think this, well stop right there. Not only does this misrepresent the male population, but it is a great field for men to enter and excel in, and it is most definitely not exclusive to the female gender.
  2. PR is all fun and games. Most TV shows only show the fun parts of the job (not that writing a press release isn’t fun!) such as meeting with clients for drinks or networking at cocktail parties. In reality, PR involves a range of demanding activities, including advertising, fundraising and internal and external communications.
  3. PR is all about lying and spinning the truth. PR professionals have a bad reputation as liars thanks to TV. In reality, honesty is the best policy, and there are so many ethics to consider that it is just too much effort to be a liar! The public responds better to transparency to smoke than mirrors, so we are honest, up front people.
  4. All PR jobs are luxurious. A hugely common misconception is that PR is full of big names in entertainment, retail, sport and fashion. It is nice to think that people picture PR professionals rubbing elbows with a millionaire on their yacht, but PRs know that the industry is much more down to earth than TV cares to admit.
  5. PR professionals aren’t business minded. The fallacy that PR is all just an industry with a bunch of event planners is potentially the most annoying of all. The industry requires a great deal or research, insight, attention to detail, awareness and management skills. To say otherwise is offensive to the entire field.

There is an abundance of myths regarding PR, but at the end of the day, PR professionals know the importance of their work and the value that PR brings to a company. As Ronn Torossian once said, “PR is a mix of journalism, psychology and lawyering, it’s an ever-changing and always interesting landscape.”



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