24 ideas for PR bloggers

This week I’ve decided I’m going to do a mini series as it is my 24th birthday on Thursday, and as I’m getting older, I want to share some wise words with you all from my personal knowledge and experience.

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So today I’m going to talk about the pain involved with developing content ideas. Trust me, I know. Creating content ideas can be a pain in the backside. Yes, there are days where you find you have loads of inspiration, but there are also the days where you stare blankly out the window waiting for a spark of inspiration to appear in front of you.

When it comes to crafting blog post ideas, it involves a combination of research, creativity and patience. Although the brainstorming process can be fun and creative, it is also an extremely stressful process (I have nearly been driven to tears over it!), but nevertheless, it is the most important step of the writing process.

As I’m turning 24 (sorry for mentioning it again, but I’m trying to make it sink in) I wanted to give you 24 ideas for blog posts which I hope you can find some inspiration from, as I know I needed some inspiration and help in the past, so, here we go…

  1. Tell the story of your personal brand.
  2. Provide advice for new PR students on how to succeed.
  3. Interview a PR pro or an ambitious PR student.
  4. Create an infographic of your PR experience and share it on your blog.
  5. Talk about why you chose PR as a career path.
  6. Analyse a PR campaign and share what you would have done differently.
  7. Bust misconceptions about PR.
  8. Share your PR secrets.
  9. Talk about the do’s and don’t’s of PR blogging.
  10. Write a letter to your future self.
  11. Talk about your pet peeves of PR.
  12. Talk about must-have mobile apps for PR pros.
  13. Explain the difference between in-house PR and agency PR.
  14. Share advice on how to get an internship.
  15. Share your best writing tips for PR pros.
  16. Provide insider advice on what it is really like to study PR.
  17. Share your best productivity tips.
  18. Share your best online and offline networking tips.
  19. Clear up misconceptions about PR students.
  20. Talk about the possible career paths PR students can take.
  21. Talk about ways to gain PR experience without an internship.
  22. Share advice for interviews and internships.
  23. Share the lessons your experience taught you and things you would never learn in a classroom.
  24. Ask your PR blogger friends to write a guest post.

So, that is that. If you have anything you would like to suggest, then leave a comment on here or tweet me @HLennox_PR.

More to come tomorrow so watch this space.


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