How to get motivated.

It is getting to that part of my degree where I can see the end, but there are still so many hurdles to jump till I can pass the finish line.

As I write this, it is a Bank Holiday Monday, and my plan was to sit and do nothing, but then panic took over when I glanced at my to do list, so here I am, sat at my laptop doing work. Happy Easter to me!

Every time I go to do work, I find myself leaving it till the last minute, and only doing it when it is a complete necessity, but I need to stop doing that, so it is time to find that motivation which I am going to share with you!


I think it is important to find a quiet space where you won’t get distracted. This should be a place where you can work in complete silence, where there is just you, and no distractions that could cause you to get side tracked and start procrastinating. (I’m currently sat at my boyfriends trying to do work, but really I’m secretly watching him play on The Last of Us and getting really into it while planning my zombie apocalypse plan.)

Have everything in one place. Make sure you have everything you need, such as books, highlighters and pens, in one place, so you can’t make up an excuse to go for a wander to find something, and then discover that you have spent 15 minutes staring blankly into the fridge.

I also find it helpful to set goals. If I’m writing an essay, I challenge myself to write 250 words before I can check my phone. When revising, it is good to put your favourite sweet half way down the page, so when you read up to that point, you are then allowed to eat it! Doesn’t get more motivational than that!

To-do lists and schedules are always a go-to when planning a study session. I find it really helpful to sit down with my to-do list in plain sight, so when I do something, I get the pleasure of crossing it off. It also lets me set realistic goals of what I want to get done in a day.

Get started. This is the best way to get motivated, as once you have started and find that you’re on a roll, it is harder to stop.

Now that I’ve wrote this, I’m going to take note of my own tips, and get this essay finished!



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