Conquering writers block

Whether it is writing a blog post, press release, or simply your research notes, we all suffer from writers block at some point. It is an absolute nightmare when it comes to trying to overcome it, and can cause more stress than necessary.

I’m sure we’ve all tried our own ways of getting over it, but these ways have been collated by people I’ve spoke to in the past, and after I tried and tested them to see if they worked, I decided to share the snippet of knowledge with you.

  1. Take a break – as writers, we know the value of putting an assignment aside and coming back to it another time. If you can, get away from your computer, go for some food, or ring someone for a chat. Just do something to take your mind off what you are meant to be working on.
  2. Get a change of scenery – another trick is to move to a different space. When you’re stuck and all you can do is stare at your monitor and then stare out the window, move somewhere else. Having different scenery to gaze at may help you out of your rut.
  3. Do something other than writing – if you’re having trouble thinking creatively and focusing on the right words, think about your topic visually or graphically. Draw or outline the concept instead. Create a flow chart. You can also search for images that relate to your topic. Pull out a thesaurus and list words relating to your topic might also help.
  4. Take it slowly – though not always possible, breaking up an assignment and giving yourself a stopping point can help you write more efficiently. Most of the time, you have so much momentum once the stopping point is reached, that you just keep writing.
  5. Commit yourself – if you know you have to write something, whether it is to hit a deadline or a personal goal, if you put it out there in the public eye that you want to get something done, then you are more than likely to hit the goal.
  6. Write first, edit later – stopping to make corrections can interrupt your flow and you can get stuck again. Do what you can to get the words down and go back to perfect it another time.


I really hope you don’t find yourself with writers block at any point in the future, but if you do, then I hope these tips have helped, as they certainly helped me!

Is there a different way that you overcome writers block? I would love to hear from you so either comment down below or tweet me @HLennox_PR

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