Remember your P’s and Q’s

LinkedIn is a great place for you to showcase your skills and a place you can show potential employers what you can offer them.

LinkedIn is a social media platform which should be utilised in this day and age, and the majority of professionals do have a profile.

It is also a place that can be used to network with people in the industry, an opportunity which you wouldn’t be able to get on any other social media platform.

I have just started utilising LinkedIn and I wanted to share some tips with you which have really helped me start to get the best out of the platform.


The first step is to personalise it. I know it my seem obvious that I’m saying this, but it is an important thing you need to do! Personalising your profile with a background image and a professional-like headshot will make you more memorable.

Next, you need to make your profile professional. You can and should represent yourself and your personal brand on LinkedIn, however it isn’t the place to post pictures of your dinner. Represent the person you are in an interview and on the job.

The best place to begin is with a brilliant headline. It is the first place people will look to find out information about you, and it will follow you around LinkedIn when your join in on discussions and other areas. You should have your position, what you do, some of your greatest accomplishments and a little personal fact about yourself to make it more fun.

You also need to keep up with progress. It is a pretty simple step, but the difficult part is that once you get behind it, it can be hard to play catch up. To deal with this, it is best to schedule some time in your social PR calendar to check on your LinkedIn weekly, or as often as you find best.

There are many communities on LinkedIn, so it is best to always keep your eye out for new ones to join, as well as regularly getting involved with the ones you are currently involved in. If you don’t take part, cut it. Being social is constantly offering new opportunities and changing with the times.

As you gain new skills, or learn new things, update your skills section, endorsements aren’t the be all and end all, but they do help you look good and you never know when someone will be looking for someone with a certain skills that you have!

It is also a very important point that you need to publish. It has been shown that the LinkedIn publishing platform is the biggest opportunity right now for getting reach and being an early adopter of the process can be a huge benefit.

Last but not least, don’t stay quiet! LinkedIn is a place where it could really help you, so don’t let it hinder you. Get involved with other people’s posts and they will more than likely get involved with yours.

So there you go, I wanted to keep it short and sweet for you, so after you’ve finished reading this, go and log in to your LinkedIn and start making the changes to being the change in your professional life!


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