Work hard and work smart

Public relations is a degree and a career in which you need to work incredibly hard. There is a high level of work in PR, and to stay on top of everything, you need to work smart, work smart and stay organised.


Working smart is an old adage, with the thinking behind it that if you work smarter, your life will be easier. This isn’t always the case, but if you do work smart and work hard at the same time, you will be successful.

I would like to start by going through some tips that will help you to work smart, and these tips are helpful, well at least to me, so I hope you find them helpful as well.

  • Prioritise– Assess everything that is on your to do list. Before you make a start on something, remember that your enthusiasm needs to be tempered with wisdom. You need to look over every single aspect of the task, and allow yourself ‘pondering time’ so that you can be sure every detail is accomplished on time and accurately. Make an outline. Whether you make an outline on paper or in your head, it is imperative to have a checklist in mind and follow it in order. You don’t want to repeat yourself, make mistakes or forget anything. Learn to say no. You HAVE to avoid over-scheduling yourself and be extremely realistic about what you can achieve in a single day. It is often the case that you have to cut yourself off because there is always going to be something that can be done. Try to avoid multitasking. It is best to do so as you often get less done because your brain is switching back and forth between tasks. Pick one thing to do and put all of your effort into that until it is finished to the best of your ability.
  • Getting more done in less time. – Consider your materials. Cheap materials or tools are harder to work with, so don’t take shortcuts on the quality. It is pointless trying to save a few pounds, but spending more time on the task. Evaluate your methods. You want them to be as efficient as possible so do your work when you have no possibility of distractions. You could also try do things in batches rather than one at a time, as you want your efficiency and productivity to be as strong as possible. Look for shortcuts. I don’t mean take the simplest method for the sake of it or being lazy. If you respond to many emails per day answering the same questions, then save your general response, and it will save you time as opposed to writing the same response from fresh over and over again. Avoid procrastination. Every time you look at Facebook, or check your phone, your day becomes longer. You need to force yourself to do work, and enjoy the activities once you have finished all your tasks for the day.

You need to take every day as it comes, and just because there are many hours in a day, doesn’t mean all of the hours should be taken up with productivity. You need to delegate responsibly to yourself with what to do and when.

I find that working hard and working smart helps me deal with the workload much more, and I feel less stressed, which is also a contribution of working smart.

I hope you have found these tips helpful, and if you have any methods of working smart and working hard that you would like to add, please feel free to comment below, or tweet me @HLennox_PR

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