Multi-tasking – the devils work?

People that make dinner, reply to emails and deal with phone calls all at the same time are truly remarkable. I’ve tried to multi-task. I know many people that can multitask , and it is a skill that everyone wants to have and admire people that can. Multitasking means you can be more effective, more productive, more successful and happier.

Being able to multitask means that you can optimise time which leads to more efficiency, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be happier.

It makes sense to everyone to multitask. Why only reply to that email when you could be making a phone call at the same time? Why eat your tea when you can check Facebook or Twitter? But by doing things this way, it means you aren’t 100% committed to any task. We don’t give ourselves to the present, instead we live for later with future hopes of happiness, if you can do more things now, you will have more time later.


Tasks that you complete deserve to be given your full attention. Others deserve that and so do you. So when you are doing multiple things at once, you are taking that away from yourself, you’re not giving yourself the attention you deserve.


Imagine if you were fully present in a conversation. You would hear, learn and share much more than you do when you check your phone while someone else is talking, or even think of something else.

But what would the world be like if we didn’t multitask? What if we did one thing at a time? Instead of talking on the phone while watching TV, or doing anything while doing anything, what if we focused on one thing at a time? One business problem, one conversation, one personal problem.

If this is how we lived our lives, we would be more focused and adaptive, meaning we would be better decision makers. The better we make decisions, the more productive we are, which means we would be more successful. This would result in being more happy surely? Isn’t that what we all really want from life?

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