How to write a killer blog

There are many bloggers out there, but more people need to get involved. It is great to get your name out there, and to share your thoughts and experiences.


When I first started blogging, I found it a tad daunting but after a few blog posts, I got myself into a groove, and now it feels natural writing posts.

I thought I’d share some pointers on how to write a killer blog, so you don’t need to fear it anymore.

  1. Break things down. This may seem obvious, but it does really help. This is the layout I use to help me write blog posts. Start with the headline, this is something that will get people really interested in your post, so it needs to be perfect. Then outline the post, and outline the outline, this will help you to fully understand what you are going to write, and will make the writing flow easier. When you start writing, start with the middle, writing the middle will get the bulk of the writing down, and a good basis for your post to start on. After this, write the end of the post as you will now know what you want to say, and the best way to end it. Once all of that has been done, write the beginning, the best thoughts are down, and an introduction will flow out of you more easily.
  2. Prepare for rainy days. Your motivations is bound to dip. There are plenty of days when I sit and stare at my laptop screen thinking about what I can write. You need to find inspiration. Everyone is different, but my way of finding inspiration is reading through other peoples blogs, PR related or not. Once I see what other people are writing about, I pick something that isn’t being written about that week. All my ideas then start to flow. Don’t let them flow away though, you need to write your ideas down while you have them in your mind, even if you don’t use them, they will come in handy later.
  3. Lower your standards. When I started blogging, I had such high expectations about what I wanted my writing style to be and the types of posts I would be writing about. It started becoming a chore. The way I overcame this was to focus on writing down the most obvious ideas for blog posts to get them off my mind and I could stop thinking about them. This is when the best writing will happen. I always think of the obvious blog posts that everyone else is writing and even though this may seem like a great idea at the time, it isn’t. So get all those ideas out of your head and then you will more than likely have a EUREKA moment.
  4. Make writing a priority. When I started this blog, it was for a module at university. I had to blog, so I wrote what I thought people wanted to hear, rather than what I wanted to write about and it would be wrote a couple of weeks before the deadline so the content was rubbish. Now, I allocate time for writing. Depending on my workload, I sit down and dedicate my time to blogging either one day a week, or even a couple of days a week and all I do is write. It also helps you to get better because you are gaining plenty of practice and my motivation has increased. I look forward to my blogging time each week and allocating time has really motivated me to write more.
  5. Listen to your inspiration. Earlier on I mentioned writing your ideas down as soon as you have them. Don’t bother doing that if you are going to chuck the ideas to one side. It is a waste of time. It is easy to get stuck in a rut when you’re writing. If your aim is to get more followers or views on your blog, then it is bound to happen. You need to write for you, write about what you want to write about. Let go of what you think everyone else wants to read about and write what you want to read about.

These points have really helped me to blog for me, and no one else. If my posts are helpful to someone else, then it is a bonus.

More people need to get involved in blogging, as it is a dying art. There aren’t enough people starting to blog. All of the bloggers out there have been blogging for a while.

So use this post as a start for yourself and get blogging for yourself. I promise you that it is totally worth it.



4 responses to “How to write a killer blog

  1. I see a lot of advice to aspiring writers and of the advice is always; write a blog. However this is the first time i’m seeing advice on how to actually start writing a blog. A lot of aspiring bloggers need to read this


    • I completely agree. I wish there was something like this when I started blogging. That is why I wanted to share my secrets, hoping it will help someone out there somewhere.


    • I wanted to provide some tips for people who want to start blogging as I wish I had those tips when I started. There isn’t enough support out there for new bloggers.


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