Seeing my name in print is something I always dreamed of. I have always enjoyed books, more than any other method of reading. The way a book feels when you hold it, and the way it smells. Nothing will never beat it.

So when I was asked to contribute to #PRstack 2 I had to say yes straight away. The first chance I have ever received of getting my name in print. In a book. This wasn’t an opportunity I was going to turn down.

I’ve always been mildly envious of the cooperative spirit that exists in coding and SEO. Open source communities tackle issues that the industries are facing and aid learning and development.

They’re typically focussed on a single goal and operate outside existing industry structures. This enables them to move quickly.

It turns out that the public relations industry can also put aside competitive issues and open source. It’s how PRstack was created. – Stephen Waddington.

I wrote a section about ‘Using TweetDeck for Listening and Engagement‘. I originally found out about TweetDeck when I started my internship with Publicity Seekers (which will be discussed in more detail in a later post)


This experience of being able to make my dream come true (sorry about the cheesiness) wouldn’t have been achievable without many people, so I would like to say a huge thank you to Stephen WaddingtonFrederik Vincz and the Prezly team.

I would also like to say a huge thanks to all of the other contributors, reading your work has changed the way I look at the PR industry, and have already implemented many of the tools into my daily life.

Surprisingly, I highly recommend downloading the free e-book or buying a hard copy.

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