The School for Good and Evil – The Last Ever After

Here I am thinking that I am too old for fairy tales, too old to read about Cinderella and Hansel & Gretel, but then The School for Good and Evil – The Last Ever After came along.


The book is the last of a trilogy. I obviously began with reading the first book, The School For Good and Evil, which I read in one day, as I just simply couldn’t put it down. Then the second book was read (not any surprises there!) which is called The School for Good and Evil – A World Without Princes, which I also read in a day. The books had me hooked so far.

The third book, the one mentioned in this blog post title, was double in size, but I was ready for a challenge.

Just to give you some background, the storyline is about two girls, one good, one evil. Agatha is the good girl and Sophie is the bad girl. From the beginning, it seems obvious that Sophie will be the good girl, and Agatha the bad, but that isn’t the case. Then Agatha falls in love with Tedros, who is King Arthur’s son, and they believe their love is true, and move back to Agatha’s house in her old town of Gavaldon.

The story begins with us seeing Agatha and Tedros struggling at Gavaldon, so they need to go back to the school and get Sophie, who was left with the School Master, in order to get their happy ending.

(I’m not going to tell you anymore of the storyline as that would be a large spoiler, but at the end of the blog post, I will give you the link to buy the book 🙂 )

Soman Chainani, the author, has done themselves extremely proud. Soman has wrote the book cleverly. The story line is addictive, and the reader is unable to put it down! (At this very moment, my mam is reading the book, and my sister is eagerly awaiting to read it next!)

From the first page to the last page, I was grasped, whereas I normally skim read a few pages when I get bored. Let me reassure you that with this book that would not happen, I read the book from cover to cover, word for word.

With multiple and unpredictable twists and turns, the book explores every part of your emotions, from utter glee, to hatred, and from shock to sadness. Throughout the read, I felt like I was part of the book, that I was just like the pupils in the second book when looking into the history books.

The characters were developed so impeccably that I felt like I had known them all for my whole life, and that their struggles were my own.

I am sad the book as arrived at the last ever after (or is a never after?) because it is a book that I want to read forever, so hopefully Soman will write another, so I can find out what happened to the girls and the rest of their lives.

The magicness of the book brought magicness into my world (sorry about the cheese) and I would highly recommend this book to everyone, no matter what age, or sex, as this is a book that would make anyone forget their troubles and live in their own fairytale.

You can buy the book here and watch the trailer here.

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