Professional Speed Dating

Yes, the title is what it says it is. Professional speed dating. Five minutes at a table with a PR professional, and then you move on. You have to make that great first impression. Don’t muck it up or else you may lose the love of your life.

Okay, so that last bit was a joke. The professional speed dating I experienced was through the University of Sunderland. It happened today, so I don’t mind if you congratulate me on my speedy blog writing either! Would make a fabulous day even more fabulous-er.

We got told to prep our CVs, portfolios and spruce ourselves up, in order to meet the professionals in the field of public relations. Now, I already have a CV, but it has no relevance to public relations whatsoever (which is terrible considering my passionate love for everything PR!) so this is something that needed to be changed immediately. I added my public relations young life experience onto my CV. Step one done.

Then came the portfolio. I know from day one of university that I should have been keeping all my work in one place, but that would be ultra organised, which is something that I wasn’t. I purchased a folder (well I bought two and had the biggest dilemma ever known to the history of man) and filled it up with a range of work that I have done in my almost two years at university. This made me proud. To see my work all in one place. It gave me a real sense of achievement.

Then I had to spruce myself up. Which was easy enough considering the vast array of clothes that reside on my floordrobe (I wish I was joking!)

Done, done and done.

I wasn’t sure what to expect at all. The overall thought of the event was daunting. But once I was there, all my fears slipped away, and I became a confident and budding young PR student. Like my tutor said, the hard part is the introducing. Now that I have experienced the networking side of PR, I think I am safe to say that I am looking forward to my career in public relations.

If you ever get the experience to go to something like this, DO IT! I can’t stress enough how helpful it has been to me, and it was a pleasure to see people there who are PR grown ups, and not just students!!!

One response to “Professional Speed Dating

  1. I’ve never had to do professional speed dating with PRs, but I did have one with travel bloggers a while back! Believe it or not, one of the interviews I attended over my internship was setup in the speed dating format. So whilst it’s a fun format, get used to it whilst you have the chance.


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