I just can’t say no.

Prior to my life being so involved in the world of public relations, I was a lazy individual. If someone invited me to go out to something, I would say no. If work asked me if I wanted to work overtime, I would say no. It was so extreme, that when I told myself to do something that day, I would somehow persuade my own brain to say no. Then I went to the University of Sunderland to study public relations. Since then, I have started to say yes to every single opportunity that shows itself to me.


It all started after first year, when I got offered a job at my local pub. I said yes! Slowly, this became my life, I was working non-stop just because of the simple fact that I loved working there. It is the first job I’ve ever had which I loved.

Then came the jobs to do with public relations. The first one was an internship with Sunderland City Predators. I applied, thinking I would never get the interview, but low and behold I did! Considering the internship was for sports PR, I didn’t have a clue, so it was much to my surprise that I got offered the job, and I have been doing it since. It requires eight hours a week, but on top of my university work, my job in the pub and my somewhat depleting social life, I’m managing.

Another job opportunity came to light, which was to work for an online magazine called NOW East Durham. I applied, but when I had informed the editor of my university experience, he was eager to get me set up in a PR role. I then got Lauren Old involved, and it is from here that Bare Faced PR was formed.

Since this day, my life has just gone crazy, hence the lack of blog posts, but I have my time management under control again, and I am back to being a pro when it comes to life!

The bonus of doing a degree in public relations is that there are many opportunities to do many things for experience, which is something I am glad I grasped onto this early into my degree, as I think if I left everything to last minute, I wouldn’t be able to cope with the sudden workload!

Just call me YES MAN!

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