Definition of Public Relations.


Public Relations may seem like common sense to many who aren’t involved in Public Relations. To someone who isn’t involved, it is hard to explain exactly what public relations is. The dictionary says: “The activity of keeping good relationships between the organisation and the people outside it.” This does apply to public relations, but there is a whole lot more to the meaning, and the only way it can be explained to someone, is if they get involved in it.

Since being at the University of Sunderland, I have experience many different aspects of Public Relations, all of them different, and not all of them being related to the dictionary definition of PR.

Firstly, I have taken part in many public relation campaigns, of which are used to highlight and promote a business as a whole, or a certain aspect of something. There are many ways in which these campaigns can be done, as long as creativity and thinking outside the box are part of the campaign, (as well as relating back to the objectives of the campaign!) then you are onto a winner.

We have also partaken in internal communications, which barely links to the dictionary definition whatsoever. We had to create an internal newsletter for an organisation, of which ours was Nicholson’s Transport, and the whole point of it, was to increase morale, and break down silos within the company internally.

We have also been shown how to write a good news release, and put together a media pack, both of which are extremely important to the world of public relations, and the better you are at all, the better chance you will have in the big wide world of Public Relations.

Only being a year and a half into my course, there are still many things to learn, and I can’t wait to get stuck in to learning them!

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