Zombie Santa fun run

Today I took part in a Zombie Santa fun run at the University of Sunderland. I do PR for Sunderland City Predators, and the fun run was to get people to get fit in a fun way.
I went there and got all zombified up.


Here is me all zombified up! Personally, I think I look awesome!
We wanted to dress up with zombie clothes, but it was FAR too chilly! My friend Laura came through with me. Don’t think we have been so excited for something that includes exercise! Here is me and Laura with our zombie make up on.


Our job was to run around and chase the people wearing Santa hats, and our team of Zombies were a super race of zombies that no one could beat in a zombie apocalypse!

I think the organisation that went into the day was phenomenal, and it is a fun way to get people who wouldn’t usually take part in exercise, do it. I am not normally one to exercise, and I thought I would just be walking after people, but when I got into it properly, I was running after people, and to be honest with you, I didn’t even think I could run that fast!

The whole team, the organisers, the zombies and the victims bonded really well, and I made friends which I didn’t think I would do, so overall, I would say it was a really successful day!

Also, my favourite saying of the day was “no one wants to mess with a zombie who has Jesus on their side” because Chris, the chaplain at the University of Sunderland was there! On a side note, he was the best zombie ever! Here is a photo of him, which does portray his commitment to the role!


On a lovely end note, it is one of the times I’ve had the most fun, and while doing sport! It has also given me and my fellow PR people a few ideas for some sport events that we may be able to organise next year, so watch this space!

Here is a picture of the team that were involved in today.


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