A day in the life of a PR student

Today is the last day of university before we break up for Christmas and I wanted to share it with you, so here it goes.

6:15am – alarm goes off and I turn over and snooze it.

6:30am – I get up and try half heartedly to look human.

7:00am – breakfast time!

7:10am – I walk down to the bus stop, and wait for the peasant wagon.

7:40am – bus is late, again, but it turns up eventually.

8:10am – get into Park Lane and wait for another bus to take me to my campus.

8:30am – I get to my campus with half an hour to spare, so I chill for a while.

9:00am – 2 hour lecture time, talking about case studies and assignments.

11:00am – now I’m usually free for four hours here, but I usually try to use my time wisely.

11:30am – personal tutor meeting time.

11:45am – I join the rest of the PR students for dinner.

12:30pm – going to the library to get some books for assignments I have over Christmas, and do some work on the PR I do for Sunderland City Predators.

3:00pm – time for another workshop, working with my group to sort out our presentation for an internal newsletter we produced.

5:00pm – that is the end of the education for the year!

My nights don’t consist of too much. I try and have some social life, but I am always thinking about some ideas for PR jobs I am doing at that time.

Looking forward to tomorrow however. I am helping out with the Zombie Santa Fun Run at North Shore. Get to dress up as a zombie! I’ll take photos and upload them tomorrow!

Thanks for listening!

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