Why do us women love PR so much?

Now, I know I can only speak for myself, but after a lot of research, and bombarding with questions, I feel like a lot of women are in the same boat as me, as to the reason why they love PR.

I can obviously mention first, that the wage is a big persuasive point for any job, but women in PR get paid a good amount. I know I mentioned in a previous post, how women get paid less than men, and in some job roles it was a substantial amount, but the overall wage is fabulous!

There is also the fact that public relations is a career which entails being sociable. I know that I am an extremely sociable person, sometimes throwing myself head first into projects without knowing anyone. However, I am also known to make new friends rather quickly, and I think this comes in extremely handy in the world of public relations.

There is also the fact that you have to work in teams for a large majority of time in public relations. It has been proven, thanks to sports, that men do work well in teams, but somehow, they are still competitive individuals, and see their other team mates as competition. Whereas women are stereotypically known to work well in teams, and it is in a women’s nature to work well with people, and better herself, and the people she is working with, to become as strong as they can.

Working in public relations does usually entail working around the clock, but it has the possibility of working from home, and for women with children at home, this is a big bonus, as if flexi-working is an option, than many working mothers will take this option, so they can look after their children whilst looking after their jobs!

Men have an issue of not being able to leave their ego in the house. Women however, are able to do this, and approach many aspects of the job, without letting their gender affect how they deal with it. Women are able to make the correct decisions, without letting their ego get in the way. They can make the correct decisions, and leave other members of the team feeling empowered, and share the success, whereas when  men make a correct decision, everyone in the office knows that it is their decision. Ego problems.

However, the main reason I love PR, and I am sure a lot of women do too, is because their is never one moment that is the same as another. I love change. I like adapting to new situations, and have found in the past that I am able to do so quickly.

Apart from all that, I know that I was meant to work in PR.

3 responses to “Why do us women love PR so much?

    • I completely agree with you. It is nice to know that there is that aspect of flexibility. Personally, it makes me feel more secure in a job role, and they appreciate me more than an average office job does.


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