Money, money money.

Apart from a few exceptions, men have always been paid more that women, in many job roles. Unfortunately, this includes public relations.

For public relations as an industry, it has been shown that the average salary is £48,247 per annum, whereas in other industries, the average salary is £25,855 per annum. This makes public relations as a desired career, and that is just because of the salary.

However, in public relations there is a large difference in what men and women get paid. In many instances, it is the case that men have more senior roles than women do, therefore getting paid more, but if figures of pay and wages are looked at in more detail, then there is still a considerable difference in what men get paid to what women get paid.

To show just how different wages are, I’m going to explain the wage for each job role in the PR industry, just so you can get a better idea of the situation.

As a press officer, males can be expected to be paid £32,843, whereas women can expect a smaller salary, this being £27,351.

As an account / senior account manager, males can expect their salary to be in the region of £54,136, whereas, again, women receive a smaller salary, coming in at £31,060.

The fact that women receive less as an account / senior account manager, than men do as a press officer indicated the huge difference already, and we have only looked at two job roles that are available in the whole of the public relations industry.

As a media manager, men can expect a salary of £49,202, and women, again, receive less, with their salary coming in at £34,758.

If your job role in the public relations industry is head of comms / internal affairs, you will better off if you are a male, receiving a salary of £63,329, whereas a woman holding this job role would be getting less, receiving £49,027 as a salary.

Male directors / associate directors would receive a salary somewhere in the region of £60,977, but female directors / associate directors would receive a salary somewhere in the region of £54,290.

Chief executives / managing directors are expected to receive a large salary, with males getting a salary of £65,713, and females getting only £52,944.

All of the above salaries mentioned have a noticeable difference between what males receive compared to women in the same job roles, however there is not a difference any bigger than £15,000. The next job role is something that will shock you, even if you already know the difference, when the figures are put in front of you, you realise how unfair the public relations industry really is.

Comms director. If you are a male in this job role, you will get a salary of a cushty £108,900, but if you are a woman, you will get a measly £63,255. Don’t get me wrong, it would be nice to get this amount as a salary, but when I say measly, I mean in comparison to the wage of a male comms director.

The difference in this salary is so substantial, you can almost pay two women this job role, for the price of one male being a comms director.

Absolutely disgusting if you ask me. As we have explored in earlier posts, there are more women in the PR industry that there are men, and this could indicate that women are more suited to the job, so why is it that men are getting  paid more, for something that women are better at?

I have nothing else to say. This makes me speechless. The figures speak for themselves.


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