Is PR becoming a women dominated industry?

Nowadays, women now outnumber men by 60:40 (statistics from the Institute of Public Relations) which has changed by the statistics taken in 1987, which was 20:80, with men dominating the industry. This highlights the change that has rapidly altered the public relations industry in just a few years, but what is the reason for this?

Women are known for their ability to multi-task, and the PR profession certainly involves this skill. It allows women who are career minded to work hard and get high up in the industry, and also lets them have the time to take care of their life at home. Public relations is a flexible industry to work in. A lot of the work needed it time consuming, but it can also be done from home. Many PR professionals that I have spoke to in the past mentioned that they work from home for a majority of their time in their PR careers.

Women are known to be hands on when it comes to work ethic, and in the PR industry, a lot of the work that you is hands on. In many PR job specifications, it explains that you need to be hands on (in not so many words) but I think men could be put off by this idea, as they stereotypically want a 9-5 job, and then have their own time out of the office. Public relations is an industry where you need to mix business and work in order to make contacts, and women are also prepared for this more so than men.

If there was one thing I would say, the main thing about public relations is being able to think creatively, and sometimes remove themselves from situations so they can think of better tactics, and not be emotionally involved in their career. Men are known to be better at this than women, but women are evolving quickly, and this is something that the generation I am in, is capable of doing.

History of women have seen many changes in equality, as women have shown they are prepared to do anything in order for men and women to become equals. I think that this is beginning to be apparent in the world of PR. Men and women are seen as equals, and in the experience I have had in PR offices, there may be more men than women, but they do the same workload, and deliver the same results (the majority of the time!)

PR is seeing a change in the industry, and who knows what statistics are going to show in 20 years, so us women need to keep on doing what we are doing, because we are obviously doing it right!

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