5 reasons PR girls run the world.

  1. PR Girls will never stop working – As a PR student, I work around the clock. I used to be the best procrastinator around, but now I have mountains of work to do, I realise what I used to do when I procrastinated, and avoid that. My room is a mess, I have takeaway boxes everywhere as I have no time to cook, my nails are chipped, and I don’t know what all my friends are up to on Facebook. Obviously my university work comes first, but I also work in a pub, do PR for Sunderland City Predators and help out a friend with a few PR things, so the workload is astronomical. However, there is never a moment that goes by when I am not thinking about or doing work, or sending an email to someone, or planning my next assignment. If every girl doing PR is like me, then I know that PR girls are dedicated to the cause.
  2. Nothing can stop a PR girl when she has an idea – PR is all about creative ideas. My mind is always thinking, reading, and looking for ideas. As soon as I see an idea, I have to write it down. I have many notebooks full of random words and drawings, just in case they come in handy one day. An idea I see tomorrow, could come in handy five years down the line. PR is also about group work a lot, well at least university PR is. When I think of an idea, I push it and push it, as I think it is the best idea in the world, and I think we HAVE to use it, until someone comes up with a better idea. However, I’m not being big-headed or blowing my own trumpet, but I think I am a really creative person when it comes to thinking of ideas.
  3. PR is always on a PR girls mind – Whether it is having breakfast on a morning watching Jeremy Kyle, or having a bath reading a mindless book, PR is always on my mind. One of the adverts in between Jeremy Kyle will come on, and I think there is more behind it then what is says on the cover. When I’m reading a book, I think of the PR that was behind it, and what I would do at the book launch, or how I would promote the author. Since starting my PR course at the University of Sunderland, I don’t think a day has ever passed by, that I am not constantly thinking about PR. PR has become my life and I am proud to say that.
  4. PR girls know everyone -Working in PR means that you need to know a lot of people. There are many different industries that they work with, and they need to know the most important people in those industries. They also need to know the most important journalists. I already have a contact book with people’s names and email addresses wrote down so if needs be, I can send an email at the drop of the hat, without  having to trawl all over the internet and LinkedIn for a contact. Like the old saying goes, it isn’t what you know, it is who you know!
  5. Technology is a must – Every PR girl in the past couple of years has joined the PR industry with a broad knowledge of technology. Whether it is having the most recent phone, or forever being on social media, technology is a must. To have a persona already known on the internet (hopefully for the positives) is a plus when going to work in the PR industry. As PR is about helping to build a brand and maintaining that said brand, it is natural to do that with your online self. Create a positive online persona, and maintain it. Social media is becoming more and more important within the world of PR, as well as the world.

So come on PR girls, join me in running the world?

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