Visiting NewcastleGateshead Initiative

I recently visited NewcastleGateshead Initiative, so I would be able to share my experience of being a PR girl in a PR world.

I arrived at the offices, which are based on Gateshead Quayside, at 9:30am prompt. I went into the office and was greeted by The A Team, who are the backbone of the office. It seemed that if they weren’t there, then the office wouldn’t run as smooth. I got a tour of the office, and then Shelley Armstrong, the Media and PR Manager, came to get me and filled me in with what I would do for the day.

My day of being a PR girl in a PR world started with reading through national, regional and local newspapers and keeping an eye out for a mention of NewcastleGateshead Initiative, or any stories that had something to do with NGI, and then put them into four categories and file them away in their corresponding files. That was just the first job of the day!

I then sat in on a meeting with The A Team, who organised the Tourism Business Awards. They went through the presentation that would be shown on the night, and made sure that the script matched up with the presentation and that the presentation matched up with the Presenters cards, and that the Presenters cards matched up with the Winners lists. Who knew that much work went into something that seemed simple and flawless on the evening!

I was then given the opportunity to write two press releases. Real life press releases that would be sent out to the press. I learned so much information I thought my head was going to explode. To be able to write out two press releases was a great help because they were never my strongest point, but if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again!

To be given the opportunity to work in a PR office, in my second year of university, for the sole purpose of content for you to read, was a privilege. I never thought that they would give me actual work to do, and I am astounded that they did, but I can’t say thank you enough! NGI; if anyone who works there ever reads this, then I want to thank you once more for having me for the day!

Working in the office, has proven to me that in the world of PR, there is a lot to do, and as we all know, women can multitask better than men, and my day of PR wouldn’t have been done without the ability to multitask 😉

Being able to spend the day in a PR office, has just made me want to do it more. It has also encouraged me to get in contact with other PR offices, whether agency or in house, and see if I can spend the day there. It has made me more passionate about PR as a whole, and has proven to me that PR is a career that I was meant to do (Well at least I would like to think so!)

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